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NTFS Data Recovery Software

NTFS Data Recovery Software

NTFS data recovery software quickly recovers deleted official files, important documents, photos, pictures and other valuable data from logically corrupted hard disk drive. Files undelete program uses advanced disk scanning technique for recovering lost data.

Retrieve accidentally deleted files, folders from hard disk drive partitioned on NTFS file system.

Restore digital pictures, photographs without compromising in their originalities.

NTFS file retrieval apps uses Advanced and Standard search recovery algorithms to recover lost data from hard disk drive.

Price: $69
Software Features:
☑  Windows data recovery software successfully retrieves missing or misplaced files, folders from NTFS, NTFS5 file system.
☑  Data undelete program restores deleted project files, folders, essential documents from all types of hard disk drive like ATA, SATA, IDE, SCI partitioned on NTFS file system.
☑  NTFS file undelete tool get back your lost precious data by using advanced inbuilt disk scanning technique.
☑  Recover lost data from:
  • Bad Sector in the disk
  • Partition Table Corruption
  • Formatted or reformatted Windows hard drive
  • Accidental File Deletion and other types of similar data loss reasons.
Software successfully tested on following major brands of hard disk drive:
HP, Western digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Kodak, Samsung, Toshiba, Konica-Minolta, Fujitsu and other major manufactures of hard disk drive.
NTFS Data Recovery
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